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Thanks for visiting my personal blog; where I write about the projects I'm working on, and UFO's I'm avoiding :) as well as my thoughts on all things quilty.

If you have something to report or talk about, let me know by leaving a comment. I LOVE to hear from all of you...leave me your blog link also so I can visit you...

Have a block of the month in mind that you'd like us to do as a club, please let me know. 

Until next time, stay happy and creative

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Around the Net: Stitching the Night Away (256)

Have you heard of Lynn Terry? She's an online guru when it comes to marketing and social media networking, plus she's young, upbeat and in the "know". Get to know her and you'll be ahead of the online social media game if you want to call it that.

My hubby found this article: Online Success Story: Stitching the Night Away and I thought it was worth passing on to all of you :) For those of you who blog or who love to read blogs this article may entice you to make your blog better, blog more often, find more interesting content and just be inspired.

Stitching the Night Away in Illinois by Eva is such a nice friendly blog to read and be drawn into by her personality, enjoy from one blog writter to another:)

Until next time, stay happy and creative.


The Quilting Blog (232)

Have you heard of this site before?

It's a mash-up of all of the popular quilting and sewing blogs that we've come across from around the world and LOVE. Some are MY personal favourites and some have been submitted, why not submit yours today and link back to spread the word.

It's a nice format to read, click through, search AND you can have your blog be a featured if you're just getting started or need to refresh your blog, being in the "featured area' would be a great promotional spot for you to gain more traffic. 

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Our site get's hundred's of monthly readers a month who LOVE to quilt and sew, so why not spread the word:)


e-Interview with Kim Hanson & Prize (215)

To finish off this special e-Interview, Kim's overing an adorable smelly pillow pattern and kit...Sew how do you win? Give us your feedback here and on Kim's Blog. Thanks for spending the time here today and getting to know Kim a bit better:)

Until next time stay happy and creative, Valerie


TIP: A simple Rule of thumb: The more you love your design the quicker you'll finish


e-Interview with Jodi from Pleasant Home (210)

Hi all, sew today I have a special e-interview with Jodi from Pleasant Home - and adorable blog that is a must see her photos alone will keep you coming back for more :)


Thanks everyone for reading and getting to know Jodi a bit further - and thanks Jodi for spending the day here.


Tutorials for Blog Journalists (209)

Are we Journalists are our own News? I think sew and for today I wanted to share a new site I found while on my friend Vivian's blogs: Quilting Under the Midnight Sun she has a link to Shabby Blogs have you heard of this site before? Me neither and it's AWESOME.

Sew many good things here like amazing tutorials on how to brighten up your blog and change things - they have great videos too:) Enjoy and tell them Valerie sent you;)