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Thanks for visiting my personal blog; where I write about the projects I'm working on, and UFO's I'm avoiding :) as well as my thoughts on all things quilty.

If you have something to report or talk about, let me know by leaving a comment. I LOVE to hear from all of you...leave me your blog link also so I can visit you...

Have a block of the month in mind that you'd like us to do as a club, please let me know. 

Until next time, stay happy and creative

Entries in BOM Life is Beautiful (8)


Entries for August (261)

Never fails Kathy S get's her blocks completed on time each and every month even if she's travelling - how perfect!

Kathy B has decided to change her Life is Beautiful to a blue and cream colourway AND she's all caught up - nice job Kathy!

Candace C and her beautiful Pies and Tarts

Robyn Y Crazy Christmas

So 3 entries for August...looking good ladies hmm now what should the prize be?


Entries for May Blocks (238)

Heather D - Life is Beautiful Blocks

Heather D - Truly Scrumptious Block

Kathy B - Life is Beautiful Blocks - see how she changed her sashing colour - if you want to change yours just let me know :)

Shannon M's Crazy Christmas Blocks

Kathy S - pies and tart blocks

Jen E - HocusPocus Blocks

Robyn Y - Crazy Christmas Blocks

Now...what should be the prize??

The Winner is number 3, Kathy B - congrats Kathy!!!


Entries for April Blocks (227)

Jen - Life is Beautiful Blocks

Jen - Crazy Christmas Blocks

Jen E - HocusPocusVille Blocks

Karen - HocusPocus

Danielle with Truly Scrumptious

Kathy S - Pies and Tart Blocks

Heather - Life is Beautiful 

Heather D - Truly Scrumptious Block

Charlsey - Crazy Christmas 

Shannon - Crazy Christmas Blocks. She has a bit of a disaster this month with her blocks - which I'm sure we can all relate with...She ended up sewing both of her finished blocks together, when she went to do the decorative stitching on them...she ended up sewing the two of them together :( not just once but 3 separate times...aww Shannon, what a pain but your blocks look great and they're finished on time!!

Beth  - just under the wire. Beth's an accountant and during tax season it's hard for her to find time for herself - but she did get her blocks finished, nice going Beth!!


And the winner is...{drum roll please}

Heather D - Congrats Heather!!

You win a pair of Machine Quilting Gloves by Fons and Porter let me know if you're sized small (red) medium (blue) or large (yellow) and I'll drop those in the mail to you :)



Entries for March blocks (219)

Okay we have some great buy-in to our block of the months this year - check out these entries...

Elke D HocusPocus Ville Month 3 (sorry Elke not sure why this photo won't go the right way it's weird)


Isobel C Pies and Tarts


Jen E Crazy Christmas


Kathy B Life is Beautiful


Jen E HocusPocus Ville


Jen E Life is Beautiful


Kathy B HocusPocus Ville


Kathy S Pies and Tarts (cute layout Kathy)


Robyn Y Crazy Christmas



Shannon M Crazy Christmas


Kathy B Crazy Christmas


Danielle R Truly Scrumptious

Beth S Pies and Tarts

 and the winner is....

Shannon - she wins this quarters edition of Quilters Connection Magazine.


Entries for Month two and Prize!! (213)

Holy Schmolly - do we have some great entries this month and a GREAT PRIZE!!

Jen E - HocusPocusVille

and a close up of her beading - super cute!

Karen C - HocusPocusVille

Charlsey - Crazy Christmas

Heather D - Life is Beautiful

Kathy B - Crazy Christmas (for whatever reason I can't seem to get this pic to come through right ways up, lol too strange)

Heather D - Truly Scrumptious

Kathy B - HocusPocusVille

Kathy B - Life is Beautiful


Kathy S - Pies and Tarts - only entry for this category so far...WOW Kathy this looks amazing!!

Robyn Y - Crazy Christmas pic 1


Robyn's block 2

Danielle R - Truly Scrumptious

Beth S - Pies and Tarts

Viv B - Truly Scrumptious

Prize for Month 2 {drum roll please} goes to lucky number 10 which is Danielle R - congrats to you my friend!!

these fantabulous scissors...super sharp point, spring loaded perfect for all of our stitching and embroidery...enjoy!!