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Thanks for visiting my personal blog; where I write about the projects I'm working on, and UFO's I'm avoiding :) as well as my thoughts on all things quilty.

If you have something to report or talk about, let me know by leaving a comment. I LOVE to hear from all of you...leave me your blog link also so I can visit you...

Have a block of the month in mind that you'd like us to do as a club, please let me know. 

Until next time, stay happy and creative

Entries in BOM Scandinavian Rose (5)


Scandinavian Rose (363)

 How's your Scandinavian Rose coming along? I'm loving mine but I seem to be slow to stitch up the blocks...YOU? Send me your picturs people as I'm desparate to see some of these finished blocks in YOUR colourways...pretty please!

~why is it when you want to take a close up picture you have a cat in your way - it didn't matter how many times I tried to move her she purred louded and was stiff there - like I need to take a picture of her paws (again) lol such a nice cat she is though my sweet Tig!


Entries & Winner (350)

Entries have been slow to come in but I'll make this post dedicated to those who've sent in and try to get all of them in one post - weather this month or last, you're entered!!

12 Entries...

and the winnder is {drum roll please}


Lucie wins the latest edition of the Quilters Connection Magazine...


Danielle's two Vintage Sewing Machine blocks


Lucie's Scandinavian Rose Blocks

Barb's Vintage Sewing Machine

Danielle's Vintage Sewing Machine


Jens' Every Bunny's Welcome blocks


Lana's Scandinavian Rose 

Kathy's Vintage Sewing Machine


Kathy's Vintage Sewing Machine

Robyn's Vintage Sewing Machine



Scandinavian Rose (342)

If you're looking for a stitching project that is a) pre-printed - so no tracing involved and b) using one colour of floss and c) only a few months long..then Scandinavian Rose is for you. Come join the fun of Scandinavian Rose today. You get to pick YOUR colour-way, so it's unique to YOU!


Scandinavian Rose - Colour Options (340)

Here's some of the requested choices thus far...see anything you like?

Sign Up for Scandinavian Rose here!

Group 1 - The Pinkie Lees

Group 2: The Chocolatie Blues

Group 3: The Ruby Red's

Group 4: The Pail Royals (not sure about this name, suggestions?)

Group 5: Vivian's Pick

Group 6: Plum Pudding

Group 7: Indigo White

Group 8: Iced Cherry

Group 9: Pladdy

Group 10: Caribbean Hues

Group 11: Linda's Pick

Group 12: Sunny Sky's

Group 13: For him

Group 14: Jen's Pick

Any more ideas? Any other colourways you can see from these picks, let me know.


Writing this list, I'm not sure what I'm getting myself into lol, I'm so excited to see all of the colourways completed...ARE you going to commit to sending me your blocks completed each month so WE can see YOUR colourway? I sure hope so as this will make it so much many people do you think we can wrangle to join our little club?


Scandinavian Rose (339)

Hi Ladies, so I've been busy quilting up Butterfly Garden as well as Vintage Sewing Machine...what have you been busy doing? I'll post pics soon of my projects just want to get the bindings on...and maybe even a label or two!

I have a challenge to put out to you all including myself...I've always wanted to have one of my block of the month clubs complete a quilt in many different here's the quilt project...It's called Scandinavian Rose by Rosalin Quinlan. Isn't this stunning?

So far after I posted this to Facebook, I've had about a dozen or so interested people choosing really great colourways...So, how this will work is

- You'll choose your colour -options from a listing of fabrics (many options) I will be posting

- I'll also have floss's to coordinate to the fabrics

- then you get your blocks stitched and a picture sent to me by the end of the month and your name will go in for a draw - One person will win 4 - fat quarters of your specific colourway to you - to go towards your finishing kit

- the Kits will include, pre-printed linen, all the fabrics for the front, floss to get you started

- So...does this sounds like something you'd be interested in? Let me know what colourway - you'd like to do...

Blues & Whites

Browns & Creams


Black & White & another Colour



Ruby Reds, Washed out Greys, Creams





and basically so many other options...get the picture