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Thanks for visiting my personal blog; where I write about the projects I'm working on, and UFO's I'm avoiding :) as well as my thoughts on all things quilty.

If you have something to report or talk about, let me know by leaving a comment. I LOVE to hear from all of you...leave me your blog link also so I can visit you...

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Until next time, stay happy and creative

Entries in chenille (8)


Breanne's Quilt (359)

I made this quilt a while ago but forgot to post about it - my friend Diane's daughter Breanne is 10 weeks older then London...boy are these two munchkins so different...but adorable just the same.

So this chenielle quilt turned out pretty big at approx 50" square, and so cozy comfy.


Here's a close up of the chenielle


Breanne's Quilt (278)

You know how much I love doing Chenielle, I even made a pattern for a scissor keeper using the chenille technique. For those of you who are new to my block - check out the tutorial I did on this technique. The quilt I did for Grace was using chenille also.
Here's Breanne's Quilt - super cute I'd say. It measures 50" square so nice and big. She's 5 months old now and recently her mom held my baby shower for Miss London. While we were there Dianne was mentioning she'd like a nice big quilt for Breanne that she can use in her crib and she really liked the chenille quilt I received from Debbie.
Here's the two of them at London's shower hanging out together - too cute! this is the quilt from Debbie.
Here's the one I made for Breanne, so snuggly and warm...super easy.

WOW: Blog 200 Giveaway!!

Hi All, today is my 200th blog post - incredible. THANKS to all of you for following, commenting, letting me know I've inspired you even if it's just a little...I love the followers and all of my club members, YOU give me the motivation to do more, post more and find things to inspire more:)

Hmm, I'm feeling like a giveaway...but what should it be? How about 3 FREE patterns

Scissor Keeper - something super adorable to keep your scissors in, learn a chenille technique which is the best part!

Kites for Kids - baby in mind, friends, neice or nephew this is an adorable quilt with a kite theme, raw edge applique and scrappy borders, sew much fun.

Chenille Tote Bag - perfect to carry around your favourite block of the month projects in. Folded technique constructed by hand or by machine.

Okay now what should you do? Leave me a funny quilting story...mine goes like this:

When I attend a retreat I always bring sew many projects like I'm going to be gone for 6 months lol. I'm just afraid I'll run out of something to do...Sew this one retreat, I was of course up super late sewing, visiting and laughing way too much...I was trying to get some squares marked with a diagonal line (simple enought, right) sew I could make half square triangles with them. Well I marked all 50 squares, yep 50 alright - but on the RIGHT side of the fabric instead of the wrong :) too funny, we still laugh about this.

Until next time, inspire me and make me laugh with a good funny story

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Chenille Block Tutorial (entry 63)

Hi Ladies, thought I would share a quilting tutorial of one of my favourite techniques: Chenille. For those of you who have never tried this or who don't know of it...enjoy.

1) Use contrasting fabrics to get a good effect. Mine are blue, beige, blue reversed, orange marble, beige b, stiff interfacing, dupioni silk with fuse right side face down as this is my lining. You don't need the interfacing if you are using the chenille blocks in a quilt. I based this tutorial on my new Scissor Keeper pattern and kit (to come)

Line the edges of your fabrics up in a nice pile, mark "X" with choco-liner

Sew the cross lines then begin to sew the chenille lines using your foot as your width guide

finish each quadrant the same way

Once you are done sewing, cut in between each sewn line, in all sections in all quadrants. You will need the sharpest scissors you own as you will be cutting through the top 4 layers. Again, if you are doing these chenille blocks for a quilt you not use interfacing and you will cut through all top layers.

Rinse really well in cool water (if using silks) or warm water if using cottons, you want this to be completely soaked make sure you get every layer. Dry, you may want to add this to a load of clothes so there is some substance in the dryer to help the chenille process.

Here's what it looks like once washed and dried - don't you just love it!! It's so warm and cozy :)

Have I got you inspired?

Here's projects I've completed using this technique, some of you might have seen: 

for my niece who loves cats.

monthly embroidery project that I added the chenille too.

My newest pattern, Chenille Scissor Keeper with matching needle keeper

This set is for my Mum, which she loved!

for my SIL, and she loved this also...

Any questions, just email.


Christmas Goodies (entry 59)

Hi Ladies, this post is going back to Christmas because I have to share with you the quilty goodness stuff that I received for our family "home-made" Christmas.

Say "hi" to Joey from my in-laws

Chenille pot-holders from my Mum

this wasn't from this Christmas but a few years ago from my Mum, cute hey?

Here's my Inchie Quilt for the swap I did through quilting gallery, look at the beading.

here's the cute bag my Inchie came in

a new Singer from my Sister Lisa, to add to my collection...I think that's 6 antique sewing machines...

This is what my SIL made for Tig - what a nice Auntie  :)

my SIL made this skinny-minnie quilt for me...and my BIL made the candle - sitting on the back of my toilet for the holidays - Love it!

how adorable is this? A thread spool holder complete with magnet for your needle from my Aunt in Law, Karen and Reg. It was in the same box as a beautiful collectors silver dish...unfortunately I like this better :)

and Tig, sitting in her favourite chair on her favourite faux fur blankie...thanks MIL.

Until next time...have a happy & creative day,