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Thanks for visiting my personal blog; where I write about the projects I'm working on, and UFO's I'm avoiding :) as well as my thoughts on all things quilty.

If you have something to report or talk about, let me know by leaving a comment. I LOVE to hear from all of you...leave me your blog link also so I can visit you...

Have a block of the month in mind that you'd like us to do as a club, please let me know. 

Until next time, stay happy and creative

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Pastimes Online Presents...(258)

our newest and youngest employee...London Jean born August 28. Shes ready to take orders and cut kits and star in the next educational video...when she wakes up from her nap!


So since this new little beauty has come into the Moss house I now can make things for her as well as everyone else and it's been so fun...

First I did these name plates:

start with a canvas board that you can buy at Michaels,

pick your shapes, square, round, rectangle and then pick your size...I varied the sizes

Next: pick your font I chose something uplifting and fun. You want one letter per 8.5 x 11" sheet of paper. Change your print settings to print outline instead of solid - just to save ink:)

Next: pick your fabrics. I wanted her name to coordinate with A Kitens Tale bom which will be hanging in her room that's the fabrics I chose to work with. If I didn't have a big enough piece in the colours I wanted I just pieced it... 

Now play with placement of the letters on your boards, floss in different colours and have fun!

then just staple it to your borads, nice and tight making sure you have the letter in the front straight..enjoy!

I love to personalize things for people, so I bought this kit (shhhhh don't tell anyone) and modified (of course) it with her name...


So until next time, thanks for visiting, asking me where I've been and how I've been doing...

remember to stay happy and creative everyday!




Review: Vignette Issue 1 (242)


As promised, here's my review of the Vignette Magazine by Leanne Beasley (remember she designed Journey of a Quilter)...I'm in LUV! I LUV the pictures, the colour saturation in the photos, the PHOTOS are amazing, the recipes, the full colours stitchery images, all of the projects and's my review and your preview. I've sold out of all of my copies so far so good as they say...more en route because YOU just can't get enough:)

How about curling up in this chair to do your stitching - looks perfectly comfortable for me and Tig!

this just says how I feel each and every day

Last but not least or should I say the main part of this mag is this incredible 16 part block of the month project starting from Issue 1. See Kathy's start in this recent blog post, Show off YOUR Stuff, she may just inspire you.

If you've read this magazine I'd love to hear your review and if you've started the block of the month, please send me some pics...I haven't decided if I want to start this now or next year Yikes...not sure what to do here as I can't possibly add another block of the month to my existing 5!!! Until next time stay happy, dry, and creative! Valerie


Quilting with Pretty Stitches & Yo-Yo's (172)

Okay so I finally finished this quilt top, got it layered and now onto the quilting. This one is for ME and only ME...well maybe Tig can have a snooze once in a while on it too ;)

I've wanted a log cabin as long as I can remember and when our guild decided to do a Pizza Box Challenge (you do a block, add 1 meter of your FAV fabric from the block as extra then it gets passed from friend to friend 9 times so you have 9 blocks). Since I wanted a log cabin, I had each of the gals do a log cabin block for worked out PERFECTLY!! I then proceeded to make a million more log cabin blocks...

I decided to have fun with some of my decorative stitches

and more stitches

Which stitch is your favourite? Once I'm done the blue side I'll move on the cream side because I have cream variegated threads to match that side also :) 

I've also been playing with yo-yo's and ALOT of them too...96 I'll need in total and I'm almost halfway, YES!!

to give you perspective on size, yes that is my actual bobbin for my Janome

can you say teeny tiny adorable yo-yos that I love each and every one of them...


Around the Net: Sublime Stitching (entry 109)

Jenny over at Sublime Stitching posted a question on her Facebook Fan Page asking her stitching followers what are the tools that you can't live without? I'm becoming more of a stitcher everyday, incorporating embroidery into my Block of the Month Clubs I'm loving the stitching part. I love the patchwork and the combination of stitching in the same block, I do some work at my beautiful sewing machine and I also can do some of the work in front of the TV, it's perfect!

Anyway, back to Jenny, here's the list she compiled and all of the links for you to find these goodies:

This iron-on transfer pen seemed to be #1, sounds very interesting

Clip-on reading light "for PM stitching" know ladies who have this and love it

Lightbox - which I was recently given one and boy do I LOVE my lightbox, thanks Carla

Thread Heaven, haven't used this but heard good things about it

Seam Ripper, here's a link to the one I carry.

Sticky Stabilizer, sounds like that sticky wax paper stuff?
(different from iron-on)

Magnifying Light, haven't needed this

Punch Needles - this is something I'm very much considering getting into - any of you do punch needle?

Needle Nest, personally I love my tuffets.

Water Erasable Pen, have one of these

Tracing Paper, haven't had a need for this

Laying Tool, I want one of these but not sure why?

Floss Organizer, have one of these and LOVE it!!

Thanks so much Jenny for posting this list now I have a shopping list of my own :)