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Thanks for visiting my personal blog; where I write about the projects I'm working on, and UFO's I'm avoiding :) as well as my thoughts on all things quilty.

If you have something to report or talk about, let me know by leaving a comment. I LOVE to hear from all of you...leave me your blog link also so I can visit you...

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Until next time, stay happy and creative

Entries in log cabin (4)


Quilting with Pretty Stitches & Yo-Yo's (172)

Okay so I finally finished this quilt top, got it layered and now onto the quilting. This one is for ME and only ME...well maybe Tig can have a snooze once in a while on it too ;)

I've wanted a log cabin as long as I can remember and when our guild decided to do a Pizza Box Challenge (you do a block, add 1 meter of your FAV fabric from the block as extra then it gets passed from friend to friend 9 times so you have 9 blocks). Since I wanted a log cabin, I had each of the gals do a log cabin block for worked out PERFECTLY!! I then proceeded to make a million more log cabin blocks...

I decided to have fun with some of my decorative stitches

and more stitches

Which stitch is your favourite? Once I'm done the blue side I'll move on the cream side because I have cream variegated threads to match that side also :) 

I've also been playing with yo-yo's and ALOT of them too...96 I'll need in total and I'm almost halfway, YES!!

to give you perspective on size, yes that is my actual bobbin for my Janome

can you say teeny tiny adorable yo-yos that I love each and every one of them...


Antique Quilts Found (168)

This log cabin was truly loved and seeing it in all it's original fabrics, hand quilted was amazing...A close-up of the detail in the blocks and fabrics used. It was entirely hand quilted, some of the fabric as you can see are disintegrating...I LOVE IT!

This next quilt has an incredible background, might have even been old sheeting or something as it's so soft. The Chevron border is something you just don't see today and boy does that make the quilt.

All hand quilted...but you know, one thing that struck me was none of the quilts I found had a label, whether it had worn off through the years or there just wasn't one to begin with. It's a bit sad really...

Any ideas of the age of these quilts? The merchants said the Log Cabin was 30's-40's and the Lone Star was 20's -30's do you think this is right?

I really wanted to find my company name in authentic antique children's building blocks...

The story goes...there were two large ziploc bags filled with building blocks but to be sure about my specific letters I needed to open the bags and see...the lady was interested also to see if what I needed was in there so we started spelling the name...some of the "n's" were actually "z's" and some of the blocks were larger then others (which I loved). There was only this one "L" and it's old and warn but it worked great!! The lady actually said she had an "L" at home and could bring it for me the next day - what a sweetheart! I was from out of town and thought this "L" would work was also cute because other shoppers were walking by and helping us pick out the letters we needed - what a fun experience!

Until next time, stay happy and creative :)


Retreat (entry 23)

Okay ladies, I spent the weekend at the Rustler's Lodge with a group of fabulous women. I created a few things that I absolutely love, had some amazing laughs - roll of the floor kin ;) and didn't sleep much - pretty much all of the compulsory items for retreat.


This was the cutest teddy bear made with a furry fabric, appliqued onto a little girls quilt made by Wilma 

The cheeriest coffee style of place mats made by Alison C - set of 6 arn't they adorable - love the colours.

Another masterpiece put up on the design wall to help for colour placement - Dianne P - she has such good eye for colour.

Not sure who this was made for but Cathy B did such a great layout - for a girl for sure!! Love the striped sashing and the corner stones.

My mom's log cabin with the chenille centers - so perfect!!

almost done, last colour added

completed design

Then I got into making these sew, so cute aprons from my mum's book


main body

close up for attaching the scallop in another colour

completed - love it!!

colour option 2

completed option 2

(it was a little dark in the room when I took this pic)

This is the finished option 3 - this one Mum and I thought that the scallop and waistband want's really the best colour - in the end we liked this one the BEST! 


Log Cabin Tutorial, Pizza Box Challenge (entry 18)

Hi Ya'll, (I just like saying that as you Texan's always sound so fun with your drawl accent)

As you know I've started a pizza box challenge (thanks to Boston Pizza for donation the boxes for us - so generous of them). I'm on my way to a retreat on the 2 & 3 of October so I had to get my block completed for the pizza box challenge.

I've always wanted a log cabin quilt but never seem to get around to making one - helping my mum right now make this beautiful one...can't wait to see that one finished.

So I thought since I'm making one now for my Pizza Box Challenge I would do a tutorial on piecing them together the easy way.


First I found one of my favourite quilting books on blocks

Found the log cabin option pages

The block I wanted to complete (Diagram 7) and figured out my final size which will be 9" and I wanted the one with the contrasting from one side to the other with the red block in the middle. The red center block dates back to civil war times and it generally means heart of the home. I chose 1.5" widths for my strips.

I chose subtle blues (4)

red for the center square and tans and browns for the light side of the block

a) sew your center square 1.5" x 1.5" to the 1st tan as in Diagram 7

b) line up your ruler and cut the excess of this first strip off so it's straight

c) finished center

d) add your next strip on (unfortunately I cut mine prior to taking the photo)

c) add you next 1/2 round of blues on both sides (see Diagram 7)

c) cut excess of blue off


make sure you press well on the wrong side keeping everything nice and straight

d) next 1/2 round of tans

e) remember to do both sides of the half

f) continue on until you have the desired size or equal rounds or both ;)

g) final round - press well and your done!!

any questions email me or leave a comment