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Thanks for visiting my personal blog; where I write about the projects I'm working on, and UFO's I'm avoiding :) as well as my thoughts on all things quilty.

If you have something to report or talk about, let me know by leaving a comment. I LOVE to hear from all of you...leave me your blog link also so I can visit you...

Have a block of the month in mind that you'd like us to do as a club, please let me know. 

Until next time, stay happy and creative

Entries in swaps (5)


Bee Amongst the Daisies Swap (121)

Hi Everyone, for today I need to send a huge thanks to my swap partner, Amanda for my adorable mini quilt.

She's from Labrador City, in Newfoundland, CANADA - what a sweetie to send me this little tree ornament!!

~here's the close-up of her beading and adorableness~


This is my finished piece, I actually left it unfinished so my partner could use it as a label or add it to something, hopefully she loves it as much as I did as I didn't want to part with it :) I created it using silk floss and the background is the cream dupioni silk...luscious!

I was playing with silks last weekend and came up with this new pattern, Picture Perfect Pillows - this is the first in the series...

What do you think?

Until next time, 


Journey of a Quilter, A Kittens Tale (118)

So...I have a few adorable completed blocks that I finished last week and love them.

 A Kittens Tale Block, Month 3

Journey of a Quilter, Block 5

Bee Amongst the Daises, which is the swap I belong to online with Quilting Gallery, it was supposed to be in the mail yesterday but I'm not quite done AND I want it to be adorable, so sorry in advance but I'll make it worth your while my sweet partner :)

I've also blogged about the latest fabric painting class, the trunk show with Carrie Nelson of Schnibbles AND Heritage Park check out these blog postings under my Quilting in Alberta blog.

Most nights this is me, hanging out designing, stitching, in my favourite place usually Tig's beside me :)


Until next week, have a happy and creative weekend!


Christmas Goodies (entry 59)

Hi Ladies, this post is going back to Christmas because I have to share with you the quilty goodness stuff that I received for our family "home-made" Christmas.

Say "hi" to Joey from my in-laws

Chenille pot-holders from my Mum

this wasn't from this Christmas but a few years ago from my Mum, cute hey?

Here's my Inchie Quilt for the swap I did through quilting gallery, look at the beading.

here's the cute bag my Inchie came in

a new Singer from my Sister Lisa, to add to my collection...I think that's 6 antique sewing machines...

This is what my SIL made for Tig - what a nice Auntie  :)

my SIL made this skinny-minnie quilt for me...and my BIL made the candle - sitting on the back of my toilet for the holidays - Love it!

how adorable is this? A thread spool holder complete with magnet for your needle from my Aunt in Law, Karen and Reg. It was in the same box as a beautiful collectors silver dish...unfortunately I like this better :)

and Tig, sitting in her favourite chair on her favourite faux fur blankie...thanks MIL.

Until next time...have a happy & creative day,


Inchie Quilts (entry 22)

Another project through Quilting Bloggers and Michelle which was sort of a fun project. I'm glad I tried it as it turned out pretty cute.

They are called Inchie Quilts and Nadine Ruggles designed these cute little morsels.

I ended up doing 2 different ones:

I didn't do mine exactly the way Nadine instructs as I didn't have the plastic so i used two layers of fusible fleece

After the free motion quilting

Cutting them apart - I made mine 1.5" square instead of 1" as I wanted to show more of my pattern

Cut them up into 6 pieces

another 6 pieces I seem to always do things in two's when I'm trying something new

Here's the 2 together

Close up of the green and tan one

Here's the pink and tan one - love these buttons!!


Friendship Bag Mystery Exchange (entry 14)

I've joined this awesome site called Quilting GalleryMichele has the most organized site and she is such a huge advocate of quilters, bloggers, online and brick and mortar stores for Quilting!!

She started this Friendship bag exchange - Mystery style through another awesome new blogger I stumbled upon through Quilting Bloggers & her name is Rachel

Here's the sample bag - adorable hey? Michelle had 288 entries for this mystery bag swap isn't that amazing? The person I got lives in Ontario...


I'll post pics of mine...working on it this weekend.